The Hodads offer more to make your wedding the event of your lifetime:


The Hodads play tasteful selections from classical, jazz or pop to establish that special mood. A variety of choices are available for the processional, from traditional to modern. We can perform special songs for the ceremony or accompany singers. Everything from Mendelsson's "Wedding March" to "I Feel Good" or "When the Saints Go Marching In" has been heard during the recessional at our events.


We provide the perfect music for your cocktail reception. Any combination of instruments (flute, sax, guitar, piano, bass, drums) is available.

Grand Entrance
The Hodads will introduce you and your wedding party with aplomb!

wedkt3First Dance
If your favorite song isn't already on our song list, it will be!

Totally Unique
HODADS UNPLUGGED! Our brand of tableside strolling during dinner is "a real ice breaker and lots of fun." Each table may request a song. It's a little like "stump the band," and the requests we get are amazing!

wedkt4Celebrity Impersonations
Elvis, Louie Armstrong, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and others often "show up" unexpectedly at your party, thanks to our drummer, Tony Jones.

Dance music for everyone
The most versatile party band in the world has music to please everyone - from grandparents to great-grandkids.

wedkt2We MC everything
The Hodads expertly perform all announcing (bouquet and garter toss, cake cutting, introductions, etc.).




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