ho dad (ho' dad) n. 1 non surfer who often ruins rides for real surfers [Dude, I caught this rad curl, got tubed then wiped out 'cause this hodad was right in my way, man.] 2 one who poses as a surfer. See poser.
Ho dads (ho' dadz) n. 1 California's foremost party band [Those Hodads are totally rad dudes!] 2 five guys who don't know how to surf but can really stir up a party. 3 the most versatile group in the known universe. 4 THE BEST DAMN PARTY BAND IN THE UNIVERSE!

The Hodads have been thrilling audiences with their tremendous variety of music and entertainment since 1989. They have appeared in concert with Kool & The Gang, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Brian Setzer, The Smothers Brothers, Jan & Dean, Tony Danza, The Surfaris, Jim Belushi, Steve Vai, Bob Saget, Louie Anderson, Jerry Lewis, Casey Kasem, Vince Gill, Trisha Yearwood, Lily Tomlin, and played in the movie, "The Replacement" with Eric Roberts and Ice T.

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